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The team of fineonlinecasinos

Our local team of experts is ready to share with you all of their combined knowledge, from teaching you the basics to giving you their top online casino picks from across the net. So, are you ready to meet them?

Mary Scott

I have always been fascinated with casinos. In particular, I love the all of the intricate background details behind the scenes. I am very interested in how a casino functions, who moves where and when, which games offer the highest possible cash-out within the lowest amount of time, who tends to frequent which game or machine. It all really excites me and gets me thinking about the way society works inside a casino-like environment. But then again, that’s probably just the psychologist in me coming out. I studied psychology at both college and university and then went on to work as a part-time child psychologist, so you could say that I am a somewhat experienced person when it comes to knowing about the intricacies of human behaviour. This is a vital factor when it comes to hardcore casino playing. You have to know who you are playing against and you have to be able to read their every move, especially in high roller games like poker, where your hand is not the most important tool at your disposal, it is your mind.

Fred Farnell

I might as well live in a casino. I spend enough of my life there. From a relatively early age I started to gamble slightly, not too often just whenever I had loose change in my pocket. I would often bet on race horses and football matches, two things which I knew quite a lot about. But, as I got older I started to become more and more interested in casino life. I think as a youngster I was more taken aback with all of the media I consumed that showed it in such a positive light. But I have to say, some of the best nights of my life have been spent in casinos, surrounded by friends with a drink in my hand and my chips on the table. If I can share any of my experience and knowledge with you today, then I will be a happy man. I hope that you can take our knowledge and go on to win for yourself and even if you don’t, just make sure to have some fun on the way.

Jonah May

I have always loved the thrill of the casino, the sound of rolling dice, the laughter and excitement in the air, the tension that surrounds everyone and everything. There’s a certain electricity in the atmosphere that just isn’t present in any other establishment. I have spent a lot of my free time over the years in casinos all over, from England to America, and I know how each one differs in games and house rules. I have also had my fair share of experience with online casinos which bring that excitement and tension to the comfort of your very own home. I’m keen to share that experience with you so you can get to know the thrills and spills of casino life too.