Fulham FC - Club's Sponsors Reviewed

Fulham Football Club is one of the oldest clubs in England. With a history dating back to 1879, this club is based in Fulham, west London. For centuries this team has been featured in the English top-flight Premier league. Actually, Fulham takes pride in being the first football club in the entire London to join the football league. This team not only competes in domestic English competitions but also in the European tournaments such as the Europa League in which it lastly contested in the 2010 finals against the Spanish Atletico Madrid but unfortunately lost 2-1.

Fulham flag

Fulham's Sponsorship Companies

It is obvious for a club with such a rich profile to attract corporate giants in terms of sponsorship deals. This is, of course, one way through which corporates are able to maintain their global image and publicity given the attention that major leagues attract across the world.

Fulham, for instance, attracted what came to be referred as a gamer changer in football sponsorship after it entered into an agreement with Betfair in 2002. Previously, no team in the premier league had been sponsored by a betting company. This really opened a floodgate of other companies to venture into such partnerships.


In 2018, Fulham FC entered into an agreement with yet another betting company, Dafabet. Dafabet is a relatively younger player in the industry compared to Betfair. It is a private web-based gambling entity that is based in the Philippines. It is part of the bigger online gambling establishment, AsianBGE which is exclusively run and regulated by the Cayagan Economic Zone Authority. Prior to sponsoring Fulham, Dafabet has been a popular brand in English football. Between 2013 and 2015, Dafabet had struck a deal with Aston Villa in which their logo would be printed on their jerseys while the name would be conspicuously branded on the advertising panels inside and around the team’s home ground, Villa Park.


In other leagues, Dafabet sponsored the Welsh Premier League during the 2015 to 2017 seasons. In a deal worth millions of Euros, the company’s name was to be embedded in the leagues’ logo plus four signboards in each and every pitch of the league at strategic signboards. This underscores the Dafabet’s financial muscle in the promotion of football across Europe.

Dafabet sponsorship of Fulham FC has boosted other partners who have stepped in to ensure that this club remains a force to reckon within the English Football Association competitions. For instance, Adidas, a global corporate that has been designing sportswear for years has partnered with the club. In a deal that will run up to 2023 if terms do not change, this company has committed to produce the team’s kit, the replica kit, and equipment for training. Also, Adidas will provide the cool Adidas performance fabrics known as ClimaCool and ClimaLite which have been lauded for their effective control of moisture and heat. Adidas also supplies Fulham with 3D fabrics and ventilation channels which greatly improve the flow of air to the skin.



ICM is another brand that partners with Fulham FC. This is a firm that is duly licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority to among other things engage in Foreign Exchange Business, CFD Trading and also Commodity Trading. The brand is clearly present at Craven Cottage pointing to a fruitful partnership.

West London Audi

West London Audi Fulham Sponsor

West London Audi is another reputable brand that has partnered with Fulham FC to offer a fleet of vehicles fully branded with Fulham FC banners and official logos. The branded vehicles are used for first team logistical duties and also the clubs core functions including transporting of VIPs during the matchday and transporting academy players as well. As one of London’s prestigious car dealers, this company seeks to resonate well with its customers who have a taste for football.

Taittinger champagne

Taittinger champagne

The Taittinger champagne is another corporate brand that sponsors Fulham Fc. They are the official suppliers of wine and Champagne during Fulham football club events.

The Main Sponsor - Dafabet

Nonetheless, of all the team’s sponsors, Dafabet is the most conspicuous given the immense resources that are dedicated to the club. This leads to the question of the relationship between betting companies and sports promotions, whether football or otherwise. One would be interested in knowing why gambling firms and sportsbook have a higher affinity for football sponsorship? Well, the simple answer is leveraging the market. By standing out in a club’s jersey, Dafabet is able to reach to a global audience while at the same time identifying with top talents across the World. This will draw gamblers into its site and stake millions of dollars or Euros which improves the company turnover of gambling services.

Fulham Players With Dafabet Logo on the T-shirts

Talking of football betting, Dafabet has, therefore, for years offered a number of markets in football tournaments in Europe, Asia, South America and the rest of the World. From outright winners to over/under and live betting markets, the option is yours. This way the company is able to raise revenues for sustainability and promotion of sports for which it offers betting platforms.

While Football betting has been there for years on sites like Dafabet, online casino gaming is another culture that has significantly gained roots and follows in the footsteps of online football betting. This type of virtual gambling gives you an opportunity to enjoy your favourite slots, table games and video Poker variants as you can learn at www.fineonlinecasinos.com. The innovative technology allows you to enjoy all games instantly via flash players or through the downloadable apps which are normally compatible with all mobile devices.

Online Betting Companies - The Biggest Sports Sponsors

This being the case, sites that have been traditionally offering sports betting had re-strategized and started offering virtual casino games. Establishments like Unibet.com, Betfair, and Betway to mention just a few have been offering both sports betting sites and casino sections. This open avenues for extra coins which may effectively be invested in the promotion of sporting activities as evidenced by the sponsorship deals signed by companies like Betway and Unibet.com with a number of top football teams in Europe.

With most of these betting sites investing in modern and progressive technologies, the number of sports enthusiasts drawn to them keeps soaring every day. As such, the future of football sponsorship by firms like Dafabet is destined for greater heights. Interestingly, such firms are not only investing in football but also other sports like Motor racing, Basketball, Boxing and cycling among others.

Online Betting

Though some regions may have reservations about betting and the overall gambling idea, companies like Dafabet and the successful sponsorship of the Fulham Fc and other top European clubs has left them with nothing but embrace for sports betting. This is mainly due to the reason that whereas other corporates may seek to maximize their profits at the expense of promoting sports, betting and gambling firms will always put sports promotion as their significant agenda. This is because, as sports become popular, more individuals identify with them hence a high likelihood of drawing more gamblers into their sites.

Clubs like Fulham FC have attested to this having enjoyed successful sponsorship by top-notch betting companies since 2012. This should be an eye-opener for other teams whether in soccer or other categories to continuously look for reputable sports betting sites for partnerships as this will provide the much-needed win-win scenario for both sides.